Honor markets smartphone handsets targeting young consumers and is also diversifying into Smart Life products including wearables, headsets and laptops.
Etisalat is the largest mobile telecoms company in the MENA region, is present in 19 countries and is the dominant carrier in the UAE.
Smart, portable cinema brand from Anker Innovations that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

Eufy build easy to use smart home devices and appliances that are designed to enhance the consumer’s life. Eufy is part of Anker Innovations one of the leading and most trusted consumer electronic brands in America.
Soundcore is part of Anker Innovations and uses innovation, experience and pioneering listener analysis to create products that revolutionise expectations for audio quality.
Du provides fixed, mobile, wholesale, broadcasting and associated telecommunication services in the UAE.
Motorola e.xists to build, develop and deliver the best mobile phones on the planet – improving the lives of millions of people.
Lenovo provide the industry an ecosystem of devices, services and applications powered from the data center to help people connect to what matters.
Ibrit is a premium smart devices and accessories brand that develops innovative products which are elegantly designed with cutting edge technology and superior components.