About Us


The origins of the company go back to 1852 when Joseph and Max Getz, emigrated from Eastern Europe and settled in Northern California.

They opened a small general store and as a result of the two brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit and foresight their business expanded rapidly across the USA and into Asia.

This success did not only come from their forward thinking and insight but also from their reputation as being honest, ethical and law-abiding.

Today these very values remain at the core of Muller and Phipps Middle East and its sister company Getz Technology FZCO.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Muller & Phipps Middle East is a distribution house focused on providing structured in-country distribution within the technology sector.

Our sister company Getz Technology FZCO is located at Dubai Airport Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates providing supply solutions across the Middle East and Africa.

Building upon our 150+ years experience in distribution we provide solutions in select markets covering key distribution channels across the value chain starting with independent retail, through wholesale, key retail, ecommerce, carrier, B2B and export.