With over 160 years of commitment to excellence in international marketing and distribution, today the Getz Group is a leader in sales, marketing, distribution, sourcing, manufacturing and licensing in the Asia Pacific region.

Products and services are provided to our valued business partners in over 50 countries across 6 continents; utilising our 150 facilities which employ more than 12,000 people worldwide and executing over 1 million transactions every month.

The Getz Group covers the 4 strategic business units below

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Consumer Products, Retail and Food Processing
  • Hospitality Management & Building Solutions
  • Performance Materials, Industrial Products and Telecommunication Services

Our key 5 success Factors

  • Knowledge & Expertise: Our unparalleled experience of over 160 years in diverse markets and industries enables us to provide our business partners with effective and smart solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Superior Relationship: We believe not only in our success but in the growth and profitability of our business partners as well.
  • Geographical Outreach: Our distinct and trusted presence in the Asia Pacific Region allows us to extend business opportunities to our business partners globally.
  • Value Chain: We strive for efficiency with regards to both time and cost and our wide array of products and services allow us to meet the diverse needs of our business partners.
  • Innovation: We understand changing market needs and focus on the continuous development of both new and existing products and services.